Babies are like puppies.

They both come over to where you are cleaning and try to lick their own puke.

Maybe sometimes, despite your yelling and snatching them away, they are still successful in getting a taste test.

Now I am gagging.


Nose Pickers

Little kids are like puppies except dogs have a harder time sticking their paws up your nose when you least expect it.


You can pick your friends-

you can pick your nose-

but you can’t pick your friend’s nose.

No Clothes

Little kids are like puppies. Neither likes to be dressed up in cute little outfits. Once you do force them into clothes, they immediately take off what they can and will continue trying to get the rest off…unless you distract them with something like toys or chocolate (the kids, not the dogs).


60% of a Cookie

Little kids are like puppies. They can counter surf up to things you thought were waaaaaaaaaay out of reach. And so, you should NEVER set a cookie down.

You will never see it again.

Or if you do, it will be the little crumbs they are licking off their lips, a taunting reminder that you were a split-second too late.