Value of Birthdays

There was a birthday in our family this month.

I have always marveled at why we celebrate birthdays.

In everything, every present, every surprise, every smile, I wanted to remind the birthday girl of how much she is loved. She is wanted in our family. We rejoice over the day she was born, when she began to exist as an independent yet irreplaceable member of our family.


Maybe reading an article about suicide influenced my passion. Oh, and a friend who almost died suddenly. Hard things that pushed me to make sure my loved ones know how much I really love them. I want to remind everyone in my life of how much they are worth. Remind them of their intrinsic value. Continue reading “Value of Birthdays”


Humans too


The first bits feel like a bucket of ice dumped on your head.

So it wasn’t all what I thought it was.

As the story continues to unfold, a nagging feeling creeps up the back of your neck.

Maybe they aren’t complete monsters.

The abuse they suffered. The chains and cycles and addictions they are stuck in. The beatings they deal with right now in the midst of striving to get their children back. How they never got a good chance in life.

Waiting for strength

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