College of Irony


I just turned in my last assignment for college this semester! It’s also, like, two weeks early so that is awesome. Now I am getting ready to launch into an internship working in a early childhood education facility.

That is kinda ironic.

I mean, really- I have to pay the college in order that I can work a bunch of hours for free to prove that I know how to work with kids, all for a degree that I am only getting to prove that I already know how to work with children.

*Sigh.* Adulthood makes no sense sometimes.


Have a Merry Christmas
Happy Holidays
And a Happy New Year

I will be updating my “about” page soon (NO, I am not engaged or even dating so just calm down). This past fall has simply been full of new experiences, beginning with my first semester at college. The courses in child development and special education were my favorites, since the subjects are relevant to my life. My younger siblings were wonderful in providing examples of children’s’ typical development at various ages!

In between college assignments, I began working at a local library. Tracking down books, interacting with a variety of people, and coming across titles to add to my own “Want to Read” list are a couple reasons that I am loving my new job.

My family also had a new experience when we were named the Foster Family of the Year by our district’s Social Services Association. I honestly had not known that the district picked a foster family of the year. However, to be appreciated by social workers and other professionals in social services as a valuable foster family is an honor.

The greatest honor we received this fall was being able to officially adopt the little girl we have been fostering. She is so precious, and we are thrilled that she is a permanent member of our family! I have enjoyed spending time with my newest little sister, and have been pleased, though a little frazzled, with all of the experiences the past few months have brought.

And now is the time to start making plans for the New Year. I love making goals and dreaming. Unfortunately, I do not always make a plan of action in order to accomplish my goals. Sometimes I just dream.

But whatever. New experiences seem to find me anyway. 🙂

A Conversation about Race and Adoption

“It doesn’t matter if your children are black, white, Asian, or Latino: Every parent needs to talk openly with their children about race and ethnicity.”

-April Swiger

Intriguing subject. Talking about race is not only for families who are multi-racial or have adopted, but should be conversations every family has.

How? Read the blog post by April Swiger on Heading Home blog here>

I Forgot

Ah. A little relaxing before the holidays really pick up-


I forgot I had a blog. How embarrassing is that?

I even had a post started about how annoying it is that being joyful is a choice. Well, I had better finish that. Not today though. Little Sis just woke up from her nap and is trying to “help” me type…

I have not had time to write down my Observations, but I Lived. Life always comes first. The name of this blog is a reminder of that.

Wow, I forgot how it feels to write. That is how long it has been. Oh, I need to do better. But you don’t want to hear me moaning.

Ok, ok, Little Sis- don’t press that button!



Dwell (FMF)

Terrorist attacks, holiday sales, gifts to buy, cards to write, refugees, riots, injustice, political debates…

rush rush hurry

Don’t we talk about this every year- the forgetting to slow and dwell and be grateful? Do we never learn? Never remember?

Maybe that is why we have thanksgiving every year instead of every big numbered anniversary (like the 400th year the pilgrims landed). Think about it.

In the daily list and media fed frenzy, I forget.
I forget to dwell.
I forget to enjoy the kiddos we have in our home while they are here.
I forget how precious the time the kiddos and I have together is.

So when I remember I slow down; restart. Remember to dwell with them. Live, laugh, read the same book over and over changing to a British accent because I cannot stand to listen to my own voice saying the same words over again.

I don’t dwell on my mistake of forgetting. That would be wasting the time I’ve been given to love them while they dwell in my life.



Five Minute Friday is a link-up where you free write for 5 minutes on the topic. This week’s topic is Dwell. Find other blogger’s interpretations here.

Now does anyone have any other tips for when a little kid wants you to read the same story again…and again…and again?