Happy = Shallow (FMF)

Happy is a shallow word.

That is what I was going to write about. Then I read the intriguing post by Jennifer Dukes Lee about daring to be happy in the midst of plain life.

I too have moved to a “fly-over” state. I feel like God has exiled me here for some unknown reason. Joy seems illusive for me.

Then this morning an Oswald Chambers devotion talked about God’s bewildering purposes. Yep, I am there. Bewildered. Not happy. Thing is, it talked about how when we look at the circumstances, we will be frustrated and confused, but when we focus on God, and a close relationship with Him, then we have peace that surpasses all understanding.

I am happy here in “exile” when I don’t think about how I am an adult and can leave this place. When I put that out of my mind as a possibility (because if I want to obey God, moving away right now is not a possibility), I can enjoy the beauty that is here- walking to a lake, my little siblings laughter, the sound of raindrops on the roof.

Maybe happiness is more complicated than I thought.


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Ugh. If only it were as easy as knowing you should be happy to actually be happy. Although today I am going to choose to be “happy”.

Still having a hard time using that shallow word 🙂


Hidden World of Foster Care (FMF)

What a perfect topic. I wanted to share something about an event I helped with yesterday and it is a great example of how the world of foster care is hidden.

The county social services put on an art day. It was a day for children who are or have been involved in an open child protective case. Businesses in the community donated breakfast and lunch, paints and canvases; people volunteered bringing therapy dogs and face painting and fitness and many, many things.

But this was not advertised in the newspaper. No one outside the realm of foster care knows. For the kid’s privacy sake. Because that world is confidential; hidden for many people.

Sometimes I get frustrated because people ignore the needs of foster care. But I realize that sometimes the needs are just hidden.

My hope is to share the world of foster care- reveal it to others;

to you.


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This is my 50th post! And a perfect way to reiterate my purpose for this blog. Whoo-hoo!


Help (FMF)

Help. I’m lost.

There is a scene in the movie Lilo and Stitch (which, if you couldn’t tell by my avatar, is a favorite movie of mine) where Stitch sits all alone and realizes he is alone and cries out for help. It is only because he has realized that Lilo does have a family that he realizes that he does not. Not only that, but he also comes to see a family as something essential that he is lacking.


It takes a lot to say that. How many times do we not say it because we don’t realize we need it?  How many times do we think we are fine because we have never seen that we are not?

“What a wretched man I am! Who will save me from this dying body? I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord!…”

Romans 7:24-25a



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Where do we get this idea of “help”? Why do we ask? Why do we give it?

Create (FMF)

Isn’t it amazing that God allowed us to be made in His creative image? We get to create. We do!

Even in the mundane, we can still be creative in various ways. I love The Hidden Art of Homemaking, a book by Edith Schaffer. It explores aspects of homemaking that can be transformed as an avenue for creative expression. Reading a book to a child can be a way to use your love for acting and drama. Writing a letter to a friend can draw on your passion for written word and transporting someone to a particular place or feeling. A grocery list can come to life by your spontaneous sketches on the margins – or perhaps the pictures can form a way for young children to “read” the list.

We can create wonderful moments in many places. What a beautiful gift from God.


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What do you create in your life?

Build (FMF)

Now is the time where I begin building my life.

I am a young adult; an age with many opportunities and decisions. Now is when I must decide what I am basing my life on. I have to choose which foundation. No longer can I do the “lowest common denominator” (remember those from fractions?). I can’t just do the basic things that fit into all 5 of my favoritest world views.

If I want to actually build something which my life, I must make sure my foundation is level and choose which blueprint to use. I have to start making decisions according to that philosophy. And when I do, people will start to know which blueprint I am using.

Am I building according to Humanism? Do I really think God is the only god? If I believe people need to know about Christ, how does the way I live my life support that?


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Good thing I had to stop at 5 Minutes. The list of questions that swirls around my head can go on and on and get overwhelming. What questions do you ask yourself?

Dwell (FMF)

Terrorist attacks, holiday sales, gifts to buy, cards to write, refugees, riots, injustice, political debates…

rush rush hurry

Don’t we talk about this every year- the forgetting to slow and dwell and be grateful? Do we never learn? Never remember?

Maybe that is why we have thanksgiving every year instead of every big numbered anniversary (like the 400th year the pilgrims landed). Think about it.

In the daily list and media fed frenzy, I forget.
I forget to dwell.
I forget to enjoy the kiddos we have in our home while they are here.
I forget how precious the time the kiddos and I have together is.

So when I remember I slow down; restart. Remember to dwell with them. Live, laugh, read the same book over and over changing to a British accent because I cannot stand to listen to my own voice saying the same words over again.

I don’t dwell on my mistake of forgetting. That would be wasting the time I’ve been given to love them while they dwell in my life.



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Now does anyone have any other tips for when a little kid wants you to read the same story again…and again…and again?

Doubting Everyone

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Though the focus of this word often refers to doubting God, today I am digging into another issue.

I doubt other people’s sincerity. When people compliment me, my mind races to figure out what they are trying to get out of me. All these years, I never believe my dad when he tells me how beautiful I am. Isn’t he just saying that to look like a good parent? Acquaintances ask me questions and I suspect them of getting info to gossip about me.

I just doubt other people’s intentions. Why?
Maybe because
-I doubt my own intentions and decisions (when I have trusted people before, they turned out to hurt me)
-I doubt my ability to be a good friend (so I push people away before I can hurt them)

Basically it’s my problem. I don’t want the wool pulled over my eyes again. I will forgo relationships to make sure that I am not the fool again. But in doing so, I think I am fooling myself.

I don’t want to hurt people! I don’t want to make a mistake, but I will- because I am human and flawed and so are they. Instead of using flaws as a reason to end a friendship, perhaps that is the very place a relationship can be made strong.

Of course people make mistakes. Humans have selfish tendencies. Humans lie, gossip, and break trust. There are humans, however, who don’t let this be a rule. When they break trust, it is an exception to how they normally are. And if they have hurt their friend, they move to fix it.

That is what makes a true friend, which is someone I want to be. Not someone who never makes mistakes, but realizes that we do, then goes to reconcile the mistake. That is friendship.

So maybe I need to stop letting my doubts about people control me. I need to give them grace, and give myself grace as well.

At least, that is what the word “doubt” brings to my mind.