I don’t have all the answers.

What I do have are some insights and a desire to learn.

I am a caregiver who sees beauty in the little things of life. My experiences have also taught me about the “big” things in life.

Though I am a young adult, my years have already been packed full of life. Because of that, my life looks a bit unique. I am a part of a large family. I have important people in my life with special needs, chronic illnesses, and invisible disabilities. I am also the biological child of foster parents.

My family has taken in over a dozen foster children during the last few years. Children have stayed with us for a matter of days (for respite care or emergency placements), to longer-term stays of over a year, to some children remaining in our family forever via adoption.

Growing up with foster care as a part of my daily life inspired my passion for children and families. I love to learn more, hear people’s stories, and share what I learn in a way that respects people and helps others understand difficult needs better.

Life is full of amazing, painful, and fascinating things. Life is hard. Life is special.

Life is worth observing.

— Rachel

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