I do not have all the answers.

What I do have are some insights and a desire to learn.

I am the biological child of foster parents. My family has taken in over 16 foster children in the past 6 years, and we were named Foster Family of the Year for our region in 2016. Children have stayed with us for a matter of days, for respite care or emergency placements, to longer-term stays of over a year, to some children remaining in our family forever via adoption. Now that I am “grown-up”, I can assure people that taking in children from foster care does not automatically screw up your biological kids (something I wrote about for a national foster care magazine).

Growing up with foster care as a part of my daily life inspired a passion for it. I have a thirst to learn more, hear people’s stories, and share what I learn in a way that respects all people involved in the system and helps others understand it better.

Have something you want to share with me? Leave a comment!

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