“The Foster Care Survival Guide” Review

Foster parenting is hard.

Yep, you’re allowed to say that. Being a home for children in foster care is rewarding; needed; and hard. The journey will stretch you more than you ever imagined.

So what do you do when your foster child’s parents don’t show up for a visit and the child is heartbroken? What might Reactive Attachment Disorder look like in a foster child? Should you really make an effort to have a relationship with your foster child’s parents?

The Foster Care Survival Guide:
The Essential Guide for Today’s Foster Parents

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The Quiet Beauty of a Walk

I like to observe people and life. The title of this blog is evidence of that. I am not, however, an avid nature-observer.

I’m just not that into nature. At least, not like some of my dear friends and family members. They easily notice quiet and hidden things in nature.

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