Book Memories

Memories have a way of finding me suddenly, off-guard, and all at once.

Like a free children’s book that arrives in the mail one day, reminding me of little girls who used to live with my family.

The book was one of their favorites. They would ask me to read it to them over and over and over and over and over and over…

I got pretty good at using different voices while reading in order to make it interesting (for myself). They never got tired of the book. Even when I picked out other books to read, one of the girls would go find that book to add to the pile.

When I read the book, the older girl would “read” it along with me. Her little voice would mumble along until we got to the repeated “No!” parts, which she would pronounce loud and clear. She knew if I skipped over any parts and would remind me to read everything on the page.

I made sure she had her own copy of the book when she left our foster home. It put a smile on my face knowing that she would have her favorite book at her new home. Hopefully, it put a smile on her face too.

And hopefully her mother can forgive me for including a book that she has had to read over and over and over again!

Book Memories

Not Grieving in Words

A coupon for 20% off a certain brand of lotion has been pinned to the wall above my desk. I just pulled it down to check when it expires.

The coupon expired January 31, 2016.

My desk has been in a similar state of neglect. Under textbooks, scattered post-it notes, three mechanical pencils I have been looking for, and receipts (some from Wal-Mart, others from the library), I found a picture of two little girls I dearly love. Their faces poke out from a blanket as they smile, together. One of the little girls is now my sister. The other…I miss.


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