Create (FMF)

Isn’t it amazing that God allowed us to be made in His creative image? We get to create. We do!

Even in the mundane, we can still be creative in various ways. I love The Hidden Art of Homemaking, a book by Edith Schaffer. It explores aspects of homemaking that can be transformed as an avenue for creative expression. Reading a book to a child can be a way to use your love for acting and drama. Writing a letter to a friend can draw on your passion for written word and transporting someone to a particular place or feeling. A grocery list can come to life by your spontaneous sketches on the margins – or perhaps the pictures can form a way for young children to “read” the list.

We can create wonderful moments in many places. What a beautiful gift from God.


Five Minute Friday is a link-up where you free write for 5 minutes on the topic. This week’s topic is Create. Find other blogger’s interpretations here.

What do you create in your life?


2 thoughts on “Create (FMF)

  1. What fun ways to create! I love how you share how to be purposeful in our creativity amid home making, and the fun ideas for creating that invites others in.

    I’m stopping by from FMF today. Nice to “meet” you. 🙂

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