‘Closure’ Documentary Review

Ever wondered what it is like for an adoptee to search for and meet her birth parents?

‘Closure’ Trailer

This is usually a private, very personal journey, but Angela and Byran Tucker invite people into this sacred passage in their documentary Closure. It centers around Angela, a trans-racial adoptee, and her search to find her birth mother, birth father, and eventually her entire biological family. Well, not entire family- but I won’t give too much away.

The relationship between a child who is adopted and their biological family is always a unique, personal story. Closure allows viewers to get a glimpse of what it is like for an adoptee to process their own story and identity. Angela and her family- adopted and biological- have invited the viewers into their lives, openly sharing their fears, hopes, and hurts. I cannot emphasize enough how transparent Angela and her family are on this sacred ground, in their hopes to educate and encourage others.

Closure is currently on Netflix and can also be found on Amazon Video. The website is http://closuredocumentary.com



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