No One Stays


Do what you can with the time that you have with the people you have.

No one stays in your life forever. Not foster kids. Not biological kids. Not parents. Not best friends. No one.

They may be gone tomorrow or next week or 50 years from now. You just never know.

Before I began this series on friendships, I was struggling with my own relationships. I still am. Nothing miraculous happened in my friendships. Along the way I have learned somethings though. I worked through some of my own struggles.

This series did not unfold like I planned. A couple times in October I contemplated giving up. But I kept with it and am proud of that.

When I was just beginning to think about writing a series on friendships, I did not think it would be worth it. Is friendship really a big enough deal to devote a whole month of blog posts to?

Then I opened a book on friendship. The very first sentence on the very first page read “Could anything be more important?”. There was my answer.

The book is titled The Company We Keep. It constantly came back to the point that friendship began with God, revolves around Him, and ultimately is about glorifying Him. This book shows what deeper, biblical friendship looks like- and how to get there.

Read my review of The Company We Keep on Goodreads >

Other than that, the Friendship Series has come to a close. I hope to be back with short posts (mostly about foster care adventures). My personal goal this month is to finish One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. I have started the book numerous times, but never finished it.

It has been pretty popular- have you read it? What were your thoughts?



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