37 Minutes

All I wanted to do was write. With many little kiddos in my house, time to write is scarce.

On this day the kids all happened to be taking a nap. Even the baby was asleep. Only 37 minutes until the older ones would wake up and demand a snack, but that was enough time to work on that post about friendship.

Then my phone rang. I hate talking on the phone. There are plenty of times I do not answer it and do not feel guilty at all. I checked the caller id. Yep. A friend who has lots of free time.


Groan. Sigh.


This is not an interference. This is an opportunity. These 37 minutes may be my only chance to write today, but they are also a chance to live out my words on friendship. Besides, I do want to talk to my friend.

I picked up my phone. I have not mastered the art of when to answer the phone or not. It is hard for me to balance when I can ignore a call in my free time and when I should pick up. Many times I err on the side of ignoring. But that day I answered it.

We had a good conversation. We both poured time into our relationship. My time is precious to me, but so is my friend. She is worth more than a blog post. She is Life. And Life comes before Observed.



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