Before the Intro

Remember Friday’s post about “Doubting Everyone”?

Friendships have been on my mind lately. It started with a book. After that, one thought led to another, punctuated by events in my life. All that thinking and searching lead me to outline a series of posts on friendship. I will talk more about the series on October 1st, but for now I wanted to let you know about the book that got it all rolling.

The Best Yes is a book by Lysa Terkeurst. The main point is about realizing that every time you say “yes” to something, you have to say “no” to something else. We must say “no” to some things so we can save our best “yes” for the most important things in our lives. It is all about priorities.

For most of us, interactions and relationships with others are a big part of our lives. Busyness (like when we say “yes” to eeeeevery thing) affects our relationships. We have less time to spend with people or are too frazzled to enjoy their company.

In one part the author said straight out that relationships are more delicate than we often remember. If a relationship is a finely knit sweater, not being careful results in snags. Furthermore, a snag is not just a snag. What you do to the snag can unravel your whole sweater (say, if you pick at it like I tend to do).

My own doubting of friends has damaged my relationships. It started like a snag in a sweater, then I pulled and unraveled other friendships too.

But the author adds that this does not have to be the case. You can carefully find the threads, weave them in, and tie them back together.

Sound familiar? It is not just the mistakes you make in a relationship, but what you do about those mistakes. I am not going to let snags be the end of the story. I will never stop at letting my relationships hang like ripped threads from sweater sleeves. I am going back and beginning the process of mending. More importantly, I hope to remember to be gentler in the first place.

I do not have this all figured out, but I want to do better than I have been. Will you join me?


One thought on “Before the Intro

  1. Great thoughts from “The Best Yes.” I’m glad that the book has had an impact on your life. I love that you are writing so thoughtfully and compassionately about it. It makes my heart happy!
    “Yes”, with love from Grammy



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