Take Strength and Remember

“Just remember, life will not always be this way.”

A wise woman told me that.

It is like a breath of fresh air in the midst of busyness. Not that I do not know the promises of God or do not see how He sustains me. I know all that. The phrase just helps me in the day-to-day moments, when I have a long to-do list and an ohmygoodness-I-forgot-the-pot-of-boiling-water-on-the-stove type of morning.

Days of weariness come in our lives; they always do. They come on sore feet, aching muscles, and exhaustion. Whines echo and everyone in the house gets on each other’s nerves. The days follow each other with no end- or so it feels. In these days, strength comes in believing

“Life will not always be this way.”

Then there are the beautiful moments. The God-provided times of joy. These are the summer evenings, the bare feet in the grass, the fingers sticky from smores. This is when there are giggles and belly-cackles, story telling and hearts bonding. Life is sweet, with those people in that moment. And people linger, quiet after the laughter, soaking in the last bits of beauty because they know

“Life will not always be this way.”

In the bigger scheme of things too, it is good to remember. When I look around at all the suffering in the world, I am overwhelmed. Even when I know I am doing my part to change it, there is always more to do. But it is okay. God is coming back and will make things right for all people. He has left us His promise that

“Life will not always be this way.”

What gives you strength to face Life? What reminds you to Observe it properly?


One thought on “Take Strength and Remember

  1. Life will not always be this way. Been clinging to that this week. God is the ultimate awesome father. No matter how broken our circumstances, he can and will fix it. Thanks for sharing, Rachel. Needed some words of encouragement this week. 🙂



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