Humans too


The first bits feel like a bucket of ice dumped on your head.

So it wasn’t all what I thought it was.

As the story continues to unfold, a nagging feeling creeps up the back of your neck.

Maybe they aren’t complete monsters.

The abuse they suffered. The chains and cycles and addictions they are stuck in. The beatings they deal with right now in the midst of striving to get their children back. How they never got a good chance in life.

Waiting for strength

Then you know: monster is too strong of a word. Your foster child’s biological parents are human beings. Some of them were the same child that you now rock to sleep; human. Some of them are sick, depraved, and as low as you can get; but still humans. Some are fighting even their own darkest demons because of their love for their children; human.

I am not saying that being human is some emotional hall pass to abuse children. There are ways that humans are meant to behave, and ways that no human should ever choose. It is a choice. That is why humans are held responsible for what they do; because they choose to do it.

But no choice can ever make you not-human.


2 thoughts on “Humans too

  1. Very true. Thanks for the reminder that none of us can truly fairly judge another. No one but God knows what a person has been through, what obstacles they’re facing, or how hard a person is trying to overcome the stacked deck that they’ve been given. We all need mercy and understand. Thanks for sharing.



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