Overview of Foster Care in the United States

While many people in the United States have heard of foster care, there are some misconceptions of what it is and how it works. I want to set some of the myths straight as well as explain what foster care is to those who are not sure.

Primarily, foster care provides temporary homes to kids whose parents cannot care for them. It may be because the child is orphaned, abandoned, neglected, abused, or have parents serving time in prison. A social worker will try to place the child with relatives. If that is not possible, then the child will be placed in a non-relative foster home.

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Five Minute Friday: Lost to be Found


Five Minute Friday is a link-up where you free write for 5 minutes on the topic. This week’s topic is Find. Find other blogger’s interpretations here.

Five minutes is not a lot of time (and I write slow).

My 5 minute free write: (and…GO!)


The word indicates lost, missing, separation.

How can you find something unless it was not there before? So when we were lost, but now we are found in God’s family, that means we were not always there. Forget the cutesy junk about us all being God’s children and how all humans will make it to heaven. If that were so, we would never need to be found. (We would have never been missing in the first place.)

But when we were rebels, running from the very best thing, running from the loving God who created us, He came to find us.