National Foster Care Month and Kinship Care

What would you do if your niece needed a place to stay for a couple weeks? What if your daughter could no longer take care of her child? What if a child in your classroom was being placed in foster care?

For those providing kinship care, these questions are no longer “what if”s.

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These People Make Foster Care Less Lonely

Being a foster family can be isolating and lonely. No one quite understands the challenges you face.

Some people stand, staring from a distance, not wanting to get close. Some people lash out at you, maybe because of a painful experience they or their family had with the foster care system. Some people simply ignore you.

But as time goes on, you find there are some people who reach out. They come close to you, a step at a time. They ask “how can I help”?

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“The Foster Care Survival Guide” Review

Foster parenting is hard.

Yep, you’re allowed to say that. Being a home for children in foster care is rewarding; needed; and hard. The journey will stretch you more than you ever imagined.

So what do you do when your foster child’s parents don’t show up for a visit and the child is heartbroken? What might Reactive Attachment Disorder look like in a foster child? Should you really make an effort to have a relationship with your foster child’s parents?

The Foster Care Survival Guide:
The Essential Guide for Today’s Foster Parents

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The Quiet Beauty of a Walk

I like to observe people and life. The title of this blog is evidence of that. I am not, however, an avid nature-observer.

I’m just not that into nature. At least, not like some of my dear friends and family members. They easily notice quiet and hidden things in nature.

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What Kids See in Giant Teddy Bears

Have you seen those giant, Valentine’s Day teddy bears?


They’re huge, like 4 feet high just sitting. If you stretched out their legs, they would probably be life size. You could use one as a mattress. You wouldn’t even have to buy bedding because most of them come with a velvet heart pillow sewn between the paws.

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The Kid Who Copied Love

This kid is a tornado.

From the moment our little foster boy had leaped through our door, he had not stopped. Running, talking, playing, laughing, spinning, dancing, yelling, crashing, crying, pooping (that is another story); the kid did not run out of energy. We called him the energizer bunny. He kept going and going and going and going…

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The Quiet Beauty of Emmanuel

“This is really happening.”

You know that thought when the first steps are coming together for a big event?

It is a thought that crossed my mind as my family ironed clothes and packed the camera the night before adoption day. I imagine it is how a bride feels in the moments after the excitement of picking out her wedding dress. For foster parents, it is the moment between getting a phone call from social services and rushing to the store to buy supplies for an expected foster child.

“This is for real.”

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